Right wing terror, did you say ?

The case of the right wing fanatic shooting down people in Norway seems to have turned the world’s attention to right wing terror – or in other words, terror tactics by the majority population.

The more the governments want to ‘show’ that they encourage ‘multi-culturalism’ the more the right wingers develop.

Simple case in hand : India.

Nehruvian socialism, followed by many govts after him followed by careless pandering to the ‘minorities’ in India had eliminated the majority community from the Congress. Otherwise no body can explain the meteoric rise of the BJP in a span of 2 years.

The concept of ‘secularism’ was and is taken to the extreme that the govts tend to be more anti-majority-religion than the otherway round.

Even now, when Raja accused Chidambaram and the PM for being in the know of the 2G case, and then BJP asked Chidambaram to resign, the latter played the ‘hindu-terror’ card and said that the BJP was opposng him because he was trying to investigate the right wing violencce. Such actions only embolden the right wingers and help in consoidating them.

Addded to that is the left wing academicians that want to do away with anything that is Indian – right from history to medicine. This further alienated the majority community from these ‘secular’ avatars and begin to oppose such gimmics.

If not who can explain the stranglehold that the Shiv Sena has on the masses in Mumbai ? They cater to the wounded feelings of the majority community and thereby win their hearts.

It also seems that during the Gujarat riots after the Godhra rail burning, even middle class hindu house wives ( maamis in our parlance ) came out into the streets with logs in hand to participate. They were not trained to do that. But what was in show was the exhibition of a pent up anger suppressed for many years ( right from the days of the islamic invasions ).

Unless the govts of the day stop playing vote-bank politics and the Prime Ministers stop saying things like ‘Muslims have the first right on the national resources’, there is ample opportunity for the right wing to consolidate. Once this consolidation happens, the governments formed by them would be inimical to the so-called ‘others’.

The ‘seculars’ understand this. Thus they play such divisive cards on the majority like caste politics and regional politics ( case in hand – Tamil Nadu – where candidate selection for elections is purely based on caste and religion however egalitarian and rationalist the parties would want the people to believe them to be ).

‘Inclusive growth’ should not only be there in election manifestoes but also be seen in action to avoid such polarization on religious grounds.

Well, while I might be reviled for this write-up, the fact of the matter is the more the pandering to the minorities, the more the chances for right wing terror to develop. A child plays pranks and throws tantrums mostly to draw attention to itself.

Will we, as a nation, understand this ?

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “Right wing terror, did you say ?”

  1. Brilliant. I cannot agree with you more. Let ALL Hindus unite to counter the "(Pseudo)Secularists", who are MORE Dangerous than the terrorists. N. RAMANATHAN


  2. Main reason for this is the vote bank politics; minorities vote as a group. In these days of thin majorities and coalition politics, political parties are tempted to appease the minorities so that they get their votes as a chunk. Hindus, though in majority do not vote as a group. Hence I think this will continue, whether we like or not.


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