TATA log – a review

TATA LogThis book is about a four letter word that inspires awe, respect and pride – TATA.

The author Harish Bhat is a senior director for the TATA group. That does not mean he sings hosannas for the company. He talks about 8 TATA companies and the hardships that people underwent to make each company great.

Harish emphasises the 4 Ps  which are the  essential attributes of any TATA company – Purposive, Pioneering, Principled and (not) Perfect. He demonstrates these attributes in every company that he talks about.

Some very interesting companies / items covered are :

  1. The TATA Indica car – the first Indian small car.
  2. Tanishq Jewellery – how the company transformed the Indian Jewellery market.
  3. Tata Chemicals and how they helped transform Okhmandal in the  Kutch region of Gujarat.
  4. The first Indian supercomputer – EKA – built by the TATAs.
  5. The TATA Finance fiasco and how the TATAs regained customer confidence.
  6. Tetly acquisition.
  7. How TATA Steel won the coveted Deming Prize.

I was floored by the ‘Second Career Programme for Women’ – even for those women who are outsiders to the TATA Group. I couldn’t think of any other company doing this anywhere in the world. Noble thoughts are not the attributes of the morally weak. TATAs come out strong here.

What if you read this book.

You would learn that TATA:

  • Is different from most other groups.
  • Places country ahead of revenue.
  • Cares about the environment and society that surrounds it.
  • Empowers women and helps them get back to the workforce.
  • Takes any business decision based on its need for the country.
  • Considers ethical business as the only means to its goal.

What if you don’t read this book.

  • You would continue to believe that private enterprise is for private wealth generation at the cost of the public and therefore all private enterprises are evil.

Having worked for a TATA company in the 90s, I acknowledge that the values spoken about in the book are true.

A breezy read for anyone interested in knowing what TATA stands for.

You can buy the book here.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

One thought on “TATA log – a review”

  1. During the initial Euphoria of Nano car, I also bought a book, after reading a review & with great expectation. The book was written by a person associated with Tata Nano team. But after Neira Radia Tapes expose, and a letter to Karunanidhi praising Raja besides the Teynampet property swap talks in Media, I felt ashamed for having spent my hard earned money in buying the book. These people are known to me and they were glorified by the Company. Like this, many might have happened in other states too. Sorry, that I am not writing this as counter to your blog. Thereafter I resolved but to buy religious books only. That too, books written by religious persons or published by religious trusts like Gita Book Trust …. The money spent by foreign companies to spread Christianity as their CSR like FF, is not by our private companies but spend on political brokers. Again says sorry for plain talk.


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