Clinton Cash – a review

61r6ec0lc4l-_ac_us327_fmwebp_ql65_The book ‘Clinton Cash’ talks about the not-so-graceful goings on in former President Bill Clinton’s foundation. The author  Peter Schweizer paints a vivid picture of the following :

  1. Why the US State Department opposes a matter
  2. Why Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, opposes a matter
  3. How a large donation finds its way into the Clinton Foundation
  4. Why Bill Clinton gets to deliver talks worth a few hundred thousand dollars
  5. Why the State Department reverses its earlier stand
  6. How Hillary Clinton helps in this reversal
  7. How government contracts are awarded to the donor

The above steps repeat so many times that one begins to anticipate these when a new matter comes up.

The stand, donation, speech, stand-reversal, govt contracts sequence happens in the following:

  1. Haiti Earthquake relief
  2. Rwanda Dictator support
  3. Sudan
  4. India’s Nuclear Deal
  5. Russia getting to own US Uranium mines

The part on the Indian civilian nuclear deal is not dealt with the requisite detail that would be needed for such intensely important items. The piece ignores the nuclear proliferation by China, the clandestine nuclear acquisition by Pakistan and the role played by the republican president George Bush in cementing the Indo-US Civilian nuclear deal – this part gives the book a pro-republican tinge.

The book is a fast read for one who is interested in the decimation of the so-called left liberal school. I am one.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

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