Singapore – a question to Lee Kuan Yew

#NationalDay #Singapore #LeeKuanYew

On this National Day, let Singaporeans, people living in Singapore, those interested in the welfare of Singapore and those who want the nation to continue to succeed do well to remember this question posed to the founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

Q: ‘What is your greatest fear for Singapore?’

A: “I think a leadership and a people that has forgotten, that has lost its bearings and do not understand the constraints that we face. Small base, highly, technically, organised, very competent people, complete international confidence, an ability to engage the big boys. You lose that, you’re down. And you can go down very rapidly…

No system lasts forever, that’s for sure. Ten years, I don’t think it’ll happen; 20 years, I can’t say; 30 years, even more I cannot tell you. Will we always be able to get the most dedicated and the most capable, with integrity to devote their lives to this? I hope so but forever, I don’t know.”

Singapore is a shining beacon for what the human spirit and a dedicated leadership can achieve despite acute resource crunch that includes water. It was made possible by the toil of ordinary but dedicated humans and a committed leadership.

What holds good for Singapore holds good for all.

Happy #NationalDay #Singapore 

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