Jayalalithaa’s second fall in 100 days

Dear Ms.Jayalalithaa,

Welcome aboard for the third time but pity you for falling for the second time in your first 100

Let me come over to your second fall first – would want to term it the second lunatic act – but stopping short of saying that. Instead would term it an act of cowardice, to put it mildly.

You were right up to the point when you had said that beyond the President’s orders, you were powerless and hence did not choose to act on the mercy petition of Rajiv killers. But when the lunatic hoodlums from TN comprising of fringe elements like Nedumaran, Vaiko and Ramadoss who have nothing in common but an element of ‘sympathy’ towards the LTTE and who have lost out completely in the recent elections and have absolutely no base among the voters in TN ( Citizens of India ), your government did a somersault and of all stunts, passed a resolution in the assembly requesting clemency to the killers of Rajiv.

Let me remind you that you have been chosen not to safeguard killers and mercenaries. You have been elected to retrieve what ever is left of the piece of the country called Tamil Nadu.

Your election plank was not to save Rajiv killers and additionally the killers of the 17 other policemen ( they were Tamil too ). You were elected to work for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Rajiv was killed, as has often been declared by the LTTE in the courts as well, for teaching him a lesson for sending the peace keeping force to SL. But wait a minute. The former PM just implemented a resolution of the Parliament of India.

As a result of the killing, you had won a grand victory in 1991, no doubt, in the elections. But the nation as a whole had to suffer later on as there was always this instability. We had to suffer a Gujral and a Deve Gowda as PMs and the nation was set back by another 10 years during their tenure until Vajpayee come over to salvage the situation.

You might want to believe that you had scored a point over the DMK on the Rajiv killer front. There is no need to do this as the DMK is already history and the country knows of the plight of the party.

Just when you came back to power and started making some rational decisions, I was under the impression that TN was on its way towards progress like Gujarat’s no-nonsense approach to development.

What a precedent you had set ! What if the Nagaland assembly passed a resolution demanding independence now that there is no dearth of lunatics in India with Omar Abdullah and his father from J&K being the head of the Lunacy Department ?

I would, as an Indian, term your act as an act in complete cowardice and the second of the somersault to score some political brownie points against a non-existent opposition, much to the detriment of national integrity.

And you had your first fall when you wanted to appeal against the HC ruling on the Uniform system of education. I know that the USE is, pardon me, fit for lunatics. But that was the lunacy brought upon the people by a lunatic government lead by a lunatic who spent his time in the company of movie stars. And you need not have appealed in the SC. Quietly you could have allowed the USE-less education to propagate for one year, reveal itself in full and then introduce the new method from next year on-wards.

And, in any case, the state board syllabus is useless and serves only the cause of paper re-cyclers.

Hence, please watch-out before you falter again as during the current times, the people don’t forgive politicians that are irresponsible.


A concerned citizen of India.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

One thought on “Jayalalithaa’s second fall in 100 days”

  1. I am also disappointed that the assembly passed such a resolution. I generally appreciate her administrative capabilities and strong no nonsense views. Why she succumbed to this populist demand, is not clear. However I beg to differ from you on the Uniform System of Education.


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