Pandan Mini- Marshland, Singapore

Singapore doesn’t import air. Everything else, it does.

Yes, everything except air.  And that includes water. There is a long term water sharing agreement with Malaysia. But that has not deterred the country from creating its own sources of water. It has built many reservoirs – small and large. Pandan reservoir is one such.

One of the causeways to the reservoir has a marshland. It is a man-made marshland. It is small, scenic and soothing. Here are some pictures of the marshland. Do pay a visit if you are here. You would be fortunate if you see some exotic birds as well. But that is a rarity.

Why did Singapore develop the marshland ? The vegetation would help absorb the nutrients from waste water flowing in the well connected canals and let a relatively clear water into the reservoir. 

Whether it serves that purpose or not, it definitely helps spend an evening relaxing in that location, with a book in hand.

the mini-mashland
A view of the mini-marshland

 I spotted some birds in the twilight. As I am Ornithology deficient, I don’t know their names. Nor their species. They were frantically searching for some last minute food grabs just before flying to their abodes.

How do you get there ? The place is reachable by public transport from  Clementi MRT station.

How does the background look like ? Here are some pictures. 

And there is a Chinese temple  close by. So the religiously inclined could get some peace of mind and let their mind wander from the mundane to the spiritual.

Worth a visit.

Pandan Marshland Route Map
Pandan Marshland Route Map
Pandan Reservoir Marsh;and
Pandan Reservoir Marsh;and
Fantastic background in the marsh
Fantastic background in the marsh

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