Howling for India

When Afzal Guru was hanged, he had politicians and people to support him and call him a martyr. He even had his supporters want to cut India to pieces. One year after his death, his compatriots still ‘mourn’ his death in a state funded campus.

Terrorists killed in Batla House encounter had Mrs.Sonia Gandhi in tears. As a mother of two children, she is bound to have shed tears. But then her maternal instincts went beyond normal limits and extended to terrorists who were killed.

LTTE terrorists have their sympathisers in Tamil Nadu. Leave alone the 20 other people who were killed along with Rajiv Gandhi, for they were mere mortals. But a foreign terrorist outfit had the temerity to kill a former PM inside India in such cold blood and there are liberals who support the killers.

But Raghavendran Ganesan is no such soul to get sympathy from our progressives, for he was just another software guy who had gone to Brussels to do his job and earn a living. So, his death at the hands of Islamic terrorists wouldn’t evoke the sympathy that the deaths of Afzal Guru or Ishrat Jehan would evoke.

Raghavendran had gone to Brussels to earn for his company so that the company would pay its tax in India which would in turn fund the JNUs and HCUs to breed anti-national elements who would want to dismember India.

For the progressives, the 10 year PhD student who is unlikely to complete his studies and contribute to the country is more important than a non-PhD programmer who went abroad to earn for the country and, in the process, gave up his life for no fault of his.

Rahul, Yechury, Arundati, Kanhaiya, Kejriwal – Call me howling-brigade. I will howl for India, nonetheless.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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