Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday dear.

Let this year bring some semblance of balance in your dealings, stability in your affairs, prosperity to your folks and some new and creative music bands.

Music bands ? Yes, like The Beatles, let there be a new and all-consuming music band this year in your life so that your folks are preoccupied with that and not bother about what the neighbor does in his house.

Let your ears don’t lend themselves to be stuck to walls to overhear what the other guy speaks.

May your attention be devoted to improving domestic manufacturing and cash based consumption than credit based consumption. Let you folks be blessed with splendid cash so that they buy things out of their pocket and not out of my pocket from 8000 miles away.

May you be blessed with adequate sun-shine this year so that you seriously start thinking on harnessing Sun’s energy rather than ride on the back of religious hooligans of the middle east.

May this year make your Republicans a bit wiser than they have been in history for Republican Presidents have had better relations with India. Minus Richard Nixon, though. He didn’t have good relations even with his people.

Speaking of Republicans – I don’t mean I aspire for more intellectually challenged conservative theology students. I am looking for more George Bushes. I am sorry I should not have spoken about intelligence and Bush in the same vein. However, Bush was good for India.

The Reagan-Thatcher era was one of the most splendid times in history. Now India has a Mr.Thatcher at the helm. So a Reagan is what needs to be filled. Hope Obama transitions to a Reagan in 2016.

Let more Hillary books sell this year. That would ensure she would continue to write and not become President. Not that her writing is better but her Presidency would be worse.

Hope you guys forget the parched document signed in Philadelphia some 260 years ago. If not the document, forget at least the clause ‘in pursuit of happiness’. Your pursuit of happiness results in resource drain in the planet. And that has an inverse relation to the number of lunatics with guns out on jeeps pulling girls out of schools. Hence may your ‘pursuit of happiness’ be limited to domestic ones and not go international.

 For heavens sake, please correct the dictionary for ‘civil rights’. Add this sentence ‘This does not apply to Guantanamo Bay’. There is a parallel. In India, the RTI, the Right to Information Act is applicable to the whole of the country excepting for a state called J&K. Don’t ask why. That is how democracies function. You know this better. All animals are equal but some are more equal than the others. 

Don’t stop immigration. We have some worthy Italians in India waiting to migrate. They would help revive Lehman Bros.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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