Singapore’s lost son – book review

Singapore’s lost son – a great life documented in a rather bumpy manner.


Kaiwen Leong’s book ‘Singapore’s lost son’ is a pathetically written account of a great life of triumph, determination and hard work. Such an incredible life, full of achievements won due to great efforts, should have been written in a lucid manner, in proper chronological sequence that would make the book a joy to read. 

I read it, found it rather distracting and asked my son, a student of law, to read and comment. A voracious reader, he couldn’t proceed either.

A magnificent life not documented with the rigour that it should have been done, the book does great disservice to the person Kaiwen Leong, a school drop out who overcame his impediments in education and life , did his PhD in Princeton and is now a leading professor in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 

The book is bumpy, is all over the place, repetitive and hence distracts the reader. An eminent life should have been documented better.

If only the book had been a biography, it would have been a pleasure to read. Being an auto-biography is the reason for the book’s rather bumpy nature, I think.

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